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It’s 2014! Remember when that sounded futuristic? It feels like we should have flying skateboards by now, à la Back to the Future II. But when I got up on the 1st, the only thing that seemed futuristic was the fact that I had just completed a project that I was never quite sure would come to fruition. The book is out! And now, with vulnerability at its peak, I have to take a shot with it and see where it’s meant to land.

With the end of winter break, my three-year-old, Brennan, seemed slightly unsure of where he was meant to land. Monday he had mixed feelings about going to school. He pouted over breakfast and put up a fuss over shoes with laces. Then I watched him meekly forge his way into a group of kids on the preschool playground. He knew only one girl, but managed to sit down on the fringes of their sand-digging game and try to include himself. He looked so unsure, but then as the other children began to notice him, all their faces seemed to brighten and Brennan began to smile. Before I knew it, they were all off playing together.

Great things happen when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

When Brennan ran back over to me to show that (despite the fact that it was a chilly morning) he had untied both his shoes and pulled them off along with his socks “all by himself,” I couldn’t help but grin.

“Isn’t it awesome?” He asked me.

“Yes, totally awesome,” I agreed.

Awesomeness!” Brennan squealed before running back over to his friends.

And so, like Brennan, this year I will let myself be vulnerable, while maintaining all the bits of awesome along the way. My mantra for 2014: You may not know how things will fall into place this year, but then, no one really does. So free yourself of worry, take the shot, and watch with joy as you see how your life can still amaze you.

Kevin and I recently took a shot on a Sunday night Laker’s game. And despite the fact that they’ve lost half their players to injuries and didn’t win the game, as always, we had an amazing time. The energy in the place seemed one-part team, one-part fans, one-part music, and one-part Lawrence Tanter! Tanter is the announcer who resonates through the stands in a low, booming voice, and broadcasts the name of each player as they score. “Jordannn Farmarrr” or when he’s not injured, “Kobe Bryyyant.” Tanter is the voice that seems to have followed me home…

Because, as I was dragging a basket of laundry through the house the other day, stepping over a board game and tripping on the dog, I could almost hear Lawrence Tanter proclaim, “Maaamaaa!” just as I got the load into the washer. And later, when the garbage bag broke all over the kitchen floor and I managed to scoop it all up and get it out to the cans before the garbage truck came down the street, there it was again…. “Maaamaaa!”

No seriously, why shouldn’t we all have a Tanter in our ear, reminding us that what we do each day, even if at times seemingly insignificant, is actually worthwhile. There are certain jobs that deserve some recognition. So cheers to all you hard-working, unstoppable, driven individuals taking a shot every day!

This year, let’s all take a long shot and see what awesomeness happens when we do!

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