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Recently, a hummingbird took shelter in the ficus tree in our back yard and built a plum-size nest on a low branch. The kids named her “Motor,” remarking that she could hover like a helicopter. A few weeks “Sweets” and “Nemo” hatched from delicate eggs, each no bigger than a tic-tac. And we quickly fell in love with the new family living in our back yard.

One day when the baby birds were about two weeks old, Motor did not return from her morning flight out for nectar. By dawn the next day there was still no sign of her, and I began to worry that something had happened to her or that she had abandoned the nest. The wind was picking up and I imagined the babies were cold and hungry
“What should I do?” I asked my husband Kevin at dinner that night.
“I don’t think there is anything you can do, Love,” he reasoned, “This is nature; this happens.”
But I am a very stubborn woman.

After dinner I drove to Target, bought a hummingbird feeder, looked up on the Internet how to make nectar, and got to work dissolving sugar in a saucepan. Kevin smiled, incredulous, “Sweetie, how are you going to hang that thing so that the babies can feed from it?”

I had already considered that very question and come up with a plan I could only hope would work. I told Kevin, “I can’t get the feeder close enough to the babies for them to feed, so instead I will hang it up high and hope that it will lure Motor back to the nest. If I want to help the babies, I’m going to have to help the Mama first!”

Kevin helped me hang the hummingbird feeder on a high branch. And Motor did indeed come back. I cannot be sure if my compulsive urge to feed her had anything to do with the family’s reunion, but she stayed, feeding and sitting on her nest. And when the babies were ready, they all left our yard for the big, blue world together.

Watching the hummingbirds reminded me that every mother needs to nourish herself, her soul, to make it possible to get up each day and feed her family in every way she can. I hope that by sharing our experiences, we might find a way to fly through the windstorms together.

If you have a funny, sweet or inspiring Mom Moment (with your mother or your children) that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it! Please write to me in the comments section of my blog or through my author Facebook page by April 30th,and I’ll choose a special Mom Moment to feature this Mother’s Day! The Mom celebrated in that story will also receive a free copy of my book, From Three Feet Off the Ground.

Moms, what are you hungry for?

Down time. Family time. Sunshine. Time to get pampered. Time to play. Time to enjoy the simple things. Time to tackle something on the bucket list. Time to celebrate.
Let’s make room for what nourishes us this Mother’s Day and always.

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