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Last week I introduced a new guided-meditation in my Soul Story Workshop, one intended to help us navigate our way through obstacles and find meaning within our experiences. The result was powerful. I share the meditation below in the hopes that it might help guide a few more out of the dark.

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Obstacle Meditation

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes.

Begin to take slow deep breaths, in and out through your nose.

Allow your shoulders to relax. Allow your torso to soften.

Find the rhythm of your breath. Allow the breath to breathe you as you bring your awareness into your heart.

Call up an area of your life where an obstacle is present.

Imagine this obstacle as a dark room. Seat yourself in this place. Be present to it.

Think about when and how this obstacle began.

Are you alone in this place? Or is there someone else in here with you?

Acknowledge yourself and how you feel. Acknowledge that no one, not even those in this place or ones like it, can speak to your exact experience.

Can you name what you might need to move through this place?

Ask yourself if this is something you already have inside of you?

Here in the dark, call to mind a feeling of being loved.

Call to mind a feeling of experiencing compassion.

As you call to mind feelings of love and compassion, imagine you are now holding a flashlight in your hands. With love and compassion, you can now spread a beam of light around the dark room where you are present to your obstacle.

As you move that beam of light around the room, what is revealed? What details come to light?

Could there be something to find here?

As you move your light around the space, silently ask the question: What am I meant to discover?

Can this place reveal a gift or an opportunity that has been in hiding?

With light now in the room, can you see any purpose to this obstacle?

What perspective might there be to gain on your soul’s presence here?

Can you change your story, not by changing the circumstances, but by letting something touch your soul? By finding a new possibility within your obstacle?

Slowly begin to move your toes, your fingers, your shoulders.

Slowly come back into the room and open your eyes.

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