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Make a Lemonade Stand

We’ve been thinking about moving – a move that we hope would be one of the last. I’ve spent a few months watching the market, checking listings daily and visiting several homes. But inventory is low and the cost of homes is high (in southern California), so it’s a search that has caused a bit of stress. What is more, I have been so excited about the future that once I was halfway into this process I realized I’d taken a step out of the present. I was living in my lovely little home on my lovely little street in my awesome neighborhood, with one foot out my front door. I was halfheartedly making plans for the summer – signing the kids up for a camp here or there – wondering where I’d really be. It wasn’t working.

The question became: how do I look for a house and not look for a house?

This was the paradox I needed to live in. How do I find a home for tomorrow, but still remain one hundred percent present in the one I’m in today?

The answer came the other morning. My husband Kevin asked Keegan (our four-year-old) what he might like to do – just the two of them. Kevin suggested lots of activities, but the thing that Keegan decided on was his own idea. He wanted to build a lemonade stand. So off they went to Home Depot to buy the wood and supplies. That afternoon they sawed, hammered and painted until they had a truly authentic and incredibly cool lemonade stand.

I made the lemonade, and then we waited for people to come.

And they did. Neighbors. Friends. Everyone came. It was an incredible success. Standing there watching my kids pour lemonade for these great people on my street, I was pulled completely into the moment, not wanting to be anywhere else. I could see just how meaningful it is that we are right here right now. I was home.

When I start worrying about the future, I invite a stress that doesn’t exist in the present. When I let go of that concern for the future, I let that stress fall away and I’m free to be exactly where I am. I can watch my kids delighting in the simple pleasures of a day – hammering nails, drinking cold lemonade, meeting friends on scooters in the street. Their future is uncertain; they have no idea what they’re going to do when they get up tomorrow. They don’t care. It’s not even a thought in their minds. I don’t see why it should be so different for me. I can plan for my family; I can take care of them; I can look forward with a hopeful heart and still find a way to keep my feet right here on the ground. On Elm Avenue. I can look for a house and not look for a house, because I can open to finding something new without failing to see what is already right in front of me, ready to be celebrated.

Finding the right home to put down roots can be challenging. There are ups and downs, excitement and disappointment as one financially pulls it together and tries to close the deal. But even in it’s most stressful moments, the old adage of “when life gives you lemons…” well, I guess you could say, “you make a lemonade stand!” Because once the people gather around, you realize that you’re already home. For now. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

I know we’ll find our way into a place with roots, but right now we are certainly growing right where we are.

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