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Personal Growth

Two weeks ago Monday, after the rigmarole of getting up and out in the morning—breakfast, school drop offs, a quick grocery run, and so forth—I took fifteen minutes to enjoy my cup of tea in the little garden bed in front of my house. I sat on the grass breathing in the steam from my mug and clearing my head of its busy thinking. There I noticed a little pink rose peeking out from under some heartier salvia branches. It was the first bloom on the young plant, tilting its head into the light. I was inclined to whisper, I see you, the way one might to a child playing peekaboo, but instead I just marveled at the quiet miracle …

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Each day that I drop you off at school, I say to you cheerfully, “Go learn something and have some fun.” And everyday when I pick you up, I look at you to check and see if your heart is okay. This week you came home one day with heavy steps and slumped shoulders. You said you were fine. You weren’t ready to talk. Later at home when the tears collected and brought out the green in your eyes, my heart whispered to yours, don’t swallow them back; let them fall. You’ve been through some bumps before, but this was new. This was bigger. You told me what happened, expressed feelings of pain and sadness, and I knew this would be …

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In honor of Women’s Equality Day and the efforts still being made to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (92 years after it was written) to ensure that “liberty and justice for all” includes women in the US constitution, I want to congratulate the courageous, creative, brilliant women around the world who are shining the way toward true equality. But I also want to raise a difficult question: Why are women so hard on each other? We have a better chance of rising up from limitations, labels, abuse and inopportunity as a group, if we stop limiting each other, labeling each other, and keeping each other down.

I hear about real world “mean girls” way too much these days. Female bosses who …

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When the New Year began, I put away all my holiday decorations, took a deep breath, and thought, now things will calm down. But suddenly there were birthdays to celebrate, doctors to see, school variety show acts to coordinate, Girl Scout Cookies to help sell, home projects to complete, and other excitement to instigate. Life is full… wonderful.

A morning last month, Brennan (now four and a half) asked me if I’d play trucks with him—one of his favorite things to do. At the time I was in the middle of making lunch and cleaning out the refrigerator. “I can’t right now; maybe in just a little bit,” I told him, “Why don’t you help me make lunch.” But by the …

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With every event in life, there is either something to learn or something to teach.

It’s been an amazing summer! We have had wonderful adventures setting up our new home and settling into our new neighborhood. This week, the kids and I gathered up the school supplies and started anticipating our new school—new classmates, new teachers. There’s nothing like sharpened pencils and fresh notebooks to get me in the writing mood. And so, after a busy couple of months, I have found my way back to my computer. In a freshly painted room, with a fresh mindset, I find myself daydreaming about school.

I’d love to be an eternal student, forever picking up new crafts or learning about new subjects. One …

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This year has been filled with many wonderful experiments, and my latest one has left a giant smile on my face.

When I decided to become a self-publishing author, I took on a “go big or go home” attitude and created a business. My mission with Emerald Shores Publishing has been to create and promote books to grow on—books that will offer new perspectives and bring people into conversation. Emerald Shores provides a platform for self-publishing authors to band together through team marketing and bring innovative and inspiring literature into as many lives as possible! After I’d established my goal, I realized that I already had two incredible women in my life that were self-published authors; and they were inspiring lives with …

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Remember your 20s? Or maybe you’re still in that incredible time of life. It astounds me how good I had it in my 20s and how I didn’t realize it. I think that is partially what the 20s is supposed to be about—relatively carefree (comparatively speaking) exploration of Self and world. Sure, I had responsibilities and major decisions to make. I had problems. But life gets deeper quickly. Here I am, smack in the middle of my 30s, and I have a greater appreciation for, well… everything.

This morning, a friend of mine shared with me her recent health diagnosis. I was stunned by the severity of her situation, and I’m not sure I managed to comfort her. I listened and …

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Last week Adeline learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in school. She came home with a story to read aloud to an adult. When we sat down with the book, I readied myself for an essay on a man who believed in freedom—a second grade adaptation of this history.  But I was wrong. Apparently second grade is quite old enough to be ready to learn about hate, because the story outlined all the details of slavery, prejudice, violent riots, and of course, Martin Luther King Jr.’s amazing movement toward peace that ended too soon with his assassination. I was shaking a little as I listened to the soft, gentle voice of my seven-year-old read to me this history. She looked …

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Remember ice skating and drinking hot chocolate and wearing Christmas pajamas cuddled up under the covers? Remember baking cookies covered in sprinkles and putting them beside the fireplace before peering up the chimney? Remember the magic of giant Christmas trees and twinkle lights and how it seemed just about anything could come to life—a wooden nutcracker or the electric train wound around the tree? There was a stretch of time when I’d outgrown Christmas pajamas, hadn’t seen the inside of a chimney and found my wooden nutcracker to simply be a nice centerpiece on my coffee table one month of the year. Then, I had children. And the magic came rushing back.

About a month ago I told Adeline, my daughter …

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As you may already know, this holiday season I have asked a few writers to share reflections on how their experience of the holidays has deepened with the growth of their families. This week I asked a woman who is deeply connected to many of my own Christmas memories. I asked my mother.

My mom, Elizabeth Havey, is an RN and health educator who researches health and other issues pertaining to midlife. Her blog,, focuses on the snags in the fabric of our culture that affect her generation, as well as her children and grandchildren. Like much of her writing, this post focuses on the peace to be found on life’s journey.

Christmas: A Time for Creating …

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