Because life
never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.


I had a dream that I was a bear. I often have vivid dreams, but I’d never experienced myself as an animal before. I was running from hunters in a wooded camping site—scaring everyone with my bear-ness. I saw my husband Kevin (still human), and he said, “Get behind me and I’ll hide you.” I tried to make myself small behind him, but the hunters saw me and chased me further into the woods. Again I saw Kevin, and he said, “Get behind me.” It felt hopeless; it would never work. But then I saw my grandmother—my beloved grandmother who’s been dead for two years—and she said, “Chris, get behind us both.” And with that she linked arms with Kevin …

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What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Six people have asked me this. I JUST got the babysitter so Kevin and I can actually go out—although I’m sure every place in town will be packed. Don’t get me wrong; I actually love this holiday. What’s not to love about a day dedicated to love? It’s just that Valentine’s Day, like most things in my life, has changed quite a bit since I had kids. This week we spent a few hours prepping valentines for three classrooms, making little gifts for teachers, and baking heart cookies. The heart shaped cookie cutters have been a hit with Brennan, so he has been requesting heart shaped food for days. Heart shaped toast with …

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This has not been an award-winning month. My dad, who has been managing his leukemia for the last ten years like a stealth warrior, is battling like never before – carving out possibility in the face of daunting lab results with determination, trial and prayer. Due to his compromised immune system, I cannot be with him during this time. And so I stay busy thousands of miles away. I have been carried forward with the back to school whirlwind, keeping it together as best as any mom with three young kids can – cheering them on at soccer games, meeting with teachers, holding hands, crossing thresholds, celebrating milestones with popsicles and pictures. But for a few moments everyday, I find …

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