Because life
never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.


Dear beautiful, sensitive, seven-year-old daughter,

You will see and experience things in this life that will trouble you. I may not always be able to explain it all away, but I hope you will still come to me and let me listen. I hope you will rest your head in my lap and let me stroke your hair. And I hope beyond all hopes, that I will be able to help you remember what you so profoundly seem to understand today–that life is truly beautiful and that we are each a part of that astounding beauty.
I love you.

(And ice-cream really does make everything a little bit better!)


This week I began to pull boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic in preparation for the ceremonial decorating the Friday after Thanksgiving. As I peeked inside a box or two, I began to get excited about the coming season.  But it was also like looking back in time to years of Christmas magic. Our traditions can be powerful reminders of what this season is all about. It’s not the tree; it’s the reminder of the light that illuminates our lives. It’s not the mistletoe; it’s the ones who gather in our doorways bringing good cheer.

There are many messages of Christmas.  Light, joy, hope, to name just a few. Of all the messages lifted out of the spirit of …

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Emotions ran high in December. The heart wrenching tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School and the excitement of the holidays sent many of us on emotional rollercoasters. I spent weeks preparing for visitors, wrapping gifts and trying to keep everyone healthy so my dad (with his compromised immune system) could come and stay with us over Christmas. My dad started a new chemo, my husband Kevin worked and traveled, and the kids and I strung popcorn, painted wooden reindeer, counted down the days and said a lot of prayers. And each day amidst all the activity my four-year-old Keegan would ask, “Mom what will Santa bring?” And each day with hope in her eyes my six-year-old Adeline would ask, “Mom, …

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