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Today many of us scribbled into a notebook or said to a great friend over a bottle of wine, the top things we did over the last 12 months and what we want to do in the coming year. Gym recruiters and travel agents prepared for their biggest month of the year. On my flight to Lake Tahoe with the family this week, I too scribbled a few things into a notebook. Family Plans. Personal goals. The luxury and necessity of self-care, and how I might go about it all. I reflected on where each of my kids is in their development, joy, sense of self, and how I can continue to support them. I threw some minor health issues on …

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In honor of Women’s Equality Day and the efforts still being made to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (92 years after it was written) to ensure that “liberty and justice for all” includes women in the US constitution, I want to congratulate the courageous, creative, brilliant women around the world who are shining the way toward true equality. But I also want to raise a difficult question: Why are women so hard on each other? We have a better chance of rising up from limitations, labels, abuse and inopportunity as a group, if we stop limiting each other, labeling each other, and keeping each other down.

I hear about real world “mean girls” way too much these days. Female bosses who …

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I am so grateful for those who avidly read my blogs and respond or share some of their own experience, and so I must explain why I haven’t posted as much lately.

About ten years ago, I had an idea for a novel. I wasn’t writing books then, but I tried my hand at fifty pages before tossing it aside and deciding it was silly of me to pursue such a project. A year later, I picked the pages up again and thought I’d try to turn them into a stage play. (A friend of mine was directing plays and said she’d like to have a look.) I had only written screen plays at that point, and after a few weeks, …

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This year has been filled with many wonderful experiments, and my latest one has left a giant smile on my face.

When I decided to become a self-publishing author, I took on a “go big or go home” attitude and created a business. My mission with Emerald Shores Publishing has been to create and promote books to grow on—books that will offer new perspectives and bring people into conversation. Emerald Shores provides a platform for self-publishing authors to band together through team marketing and bring innovative and inspiring literature into as many lives as possible! After I’d established my goal, I realized that I already had two incredible women in my life that were self-published authors; and they were inspiring lives with …

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Last Sunday I woke up to loud music and giggles. I had slept way past my morning wake up call and pulled myself out of bed at 7am to find a dance party in my living room. Adeline and Brennan seemed to be doing a tribute to Saturday Night Fever with big pointed finger moves in their jammies, while Keegan rocked out shirtless with a plastic guitar in his pants, lip sinking (so to speak) to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing!

Coffee please.

This is, of course, a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. And outside of the Shrek ears headband and 1980s sunglasses on Keegan, it was a pretty typical scene. However it captivated me more than former living …

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It’s 2014! Remember when that sounded futuristic? It feels like we should have flying skateboards by now, à la Back to the Future II. But when I got up on the 1st, the only thing that seemed futuristic was the fact that I had just completed a project that I was never quite sure would come to fruition. The book is out! And now, with vulnerability at its peak, I have to take a shot with it and see where it’s meant to land.

With the end of winter break, my three-year-old, Brennan, seemed slightly unsure of where he was meant to land. Monday he had mixed feelings about going to school. He pouted over breakfast and put up a fuss …

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I have watched the kids walk into one new experience after the other.  (A piano lesson, an art class, little league.)  They are thrown into a group of children they don’t know, with no idea if they’ll be able to do what they’re asked to do.  They may feel out of their comfort zone, yet they still find a way to go for it.  Most of the time.  This summer I pushed Keegan (four and a half years old) slightly out of that comfort zone.  I asked him to practice writing with me daily to prepare him for transitional kindergarten.

“I don’t want to,” he told me.

“School work can be fun,” I promised, “and it is an important part of growing …

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The magnolias and star jasmine are in bloom all over town.  The yard smelled like good shampoo this afternoon as the kids and I threw paper airplanes.  Keegan, who turned “four and a half” this week (major mile stone for my little man), did not tire of throwing his plane, getting it caught in the tree branches, and then shaking it down.

At a point I left the yard to send an email and meet a deadline that would put me quite close to the completion of my book.  I’m rounding the end of this project that has kept me inspired for the last several years, and as I’m pulling together the final pieces, feelings are surmounting.  The pressure is on, …

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The thing about being the third child is that you have no choice but to go with the flow. Brennan is now two and a half years old and quite used to being schlepped about. I get him in the car several times a day, and he climbs in with no sense of time or direction or what is to happen next. Often I explain to him our plans or he’ll ask me, “Where we gonin’ Mama?” But he doesn’t seem to have a great interest in the answer. He looks out the window, he sings, he tells me what he sees as we drive, and once we’ve arrived to our destination, he busies himself with new details, always fiercely …

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