Because life
never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.

Finding Peace

Two weeks ago Monday, after the rigmarole of getting up and out in the morning—breakfast, school drop offs, a quick grocery run, and so forth—I took fifteen minutes to enjoy my cup of tea in the little garden bed in front of my house. I sat on the grass breathing in the steam from my mug and clearing my head of its busy thinking. There I noticed a little pink rose peeking out from under some heartier salvia branches. It was the first bloom on the young plant, tilting its head into the light. I was inclined to whisper, I see you, the way one might to a child playing peekaboo, but instead I just marveled at the quiet miracle …

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 I had my engagement ring cleaned recently. There seemed to be some residual play dough and lotion stuck in between the prongs. The jeweler was sweet, complimenting the setting and asking about how my husband had proposed sixteen years ago. She casually noticed a little flaw in the diamond and told me that if I ever intended to replace it, they could fit a new diamond into my existing setting. I smiled politely and bit back the urge to explain why that wouldn’t be necessary. My husband bought my ring at age twenty-three with his savings, and I couldn’t imagine ever replacing it. The moment felt similar to the time I had walked into the dermatologist for some hydrating cream and walked out …

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I was having an off day. It started with all three kids whining for juice and waffles at 6am, as I struggled to find the matching tops to the sippy cups, my eyes not yet fully open. When Kevin left he said, “Thanks for taking such great care of our babies.” But when I got frustrated with Keegan (now three and a half) for not making it to the potty in time, I wondered just how great of a job I was doing. When I finally got Keegan off to his morning summer camp, a mother on the playground pointed out that I’d put Brennan’s shoes on the wrong feet. And when I tried leaving with the little man, he …

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