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The start of the New Year is often a time of questions. How will I reach the new goals I’m setting for myself? Will everything come together? I’ve been excited about the possibilities for this year, and I’ve spent a lot of time organizing, researching things like real estate and doing creative budgeting.

Last night I saw The Legend of Bagger Vance, a movie I’ve always loved. It’s the story of a golf star from Savanna, Georgia who has become broken from adversity and needs to recover his game and his life with the help from a mystical caddy. I stayed up later than I’d planned, unable to turn it off. And when I finally went to bed, this line had …

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Emotions ran high in December. The heart wrenching tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School and the excitement of the holidays sent many of us on emotional rollercoasters. I spent weeks preparing for visitors, wrapping gifts and trying to keep everyone healthy so my dad (with his compromised immune system) could come and stay with us over Christmas. My dad started a new chemo, my husband Kevin worked and traveled, and the kids and I strung popcorn, painted wooden reindeer, counted down the days and said a lot of prayers. And each day amidst all the activity my four-year-old Keegan would ask, “Mom what will Santa bring?” And each day with hope in her eyes my six-year-old Adeline would ask, “Mom, …

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When I was a kid, my Uncle Bill came to visit every Christmas. He’d fly to Chicago for a week and spend most of his time down on the floor playing with me, my older sister and my baby brother. He had a way of making everything fun – even standing in line at the grocery store became a game as we’d sing Christmas songs and eye the chocolate chip cookies. It didn’t matter where we were, only that we were together. That was the point of view he always had, and it left an impression. That was thirty some years ago, and he hasn’t changed a day. In my heart I always connect my Uncle Bill with Christmas. And …

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I woke up this morning with determination. I had a full day ahead, and I wasn’t sure how it would all come together.

On the way to school the boys sang loudly while Adeline tried to tell me something important. “Mom, I need to practice jumping rope,” she told me. I could see in the rearview mirror that her eyes were a little wet. “My friends at school are really good at it, and I’m… I’m just not,” she explained.

“You probably just need a little practice,” I tried to soothe. “Let’s jump rope after school; it will be fun.”

She smiled with her chin out, the way she always does when she’s trying to be brave. And when I left her at …

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This has not been an award-winning month. My dad, who has been managing his leukemia for the last ten years like a stealth warrior, is battling like never before – carving out possibility in the face of daunting lab results with determination, trial and prayer. Due to his compromised immune system, I cannot be with him during this time. And so I stay busy thousands of miles away. I have been carried forward with the back to school whirlwind, keeping it together as best as any mom with three young kids can – cheering them on at soccer games, meeting with teachers, holding hands, crossing thresholds, celebrating milestones with popsicles and pictures. But for a few moments everyday, I find …

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We were on vacation during Brennan’s birthday last week – in a little cottage on the ocean in Carmel, CA. We spent the day before decorating, making signs and hanging streamers. The air had been cool that day – not fit for swimming, and I was feeling a little grey myself. I’d hoped for blue skies for the duration of the trip, for sun-soaked mornings and shoeless afternoons. But as is life, these details were out of my control. After a great hike along the bluffs that evening, we lit a fire in the large stone fireplace and I pulled the kids in close on the couch to read books.

That’s when I noticed that Adeline was a little teary. “What’s …

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I was having an off day. It started with all three kids whining for juice and waffles at 6am, as I struggled to find the matching tops to the sippy cups, my eyes not yet fully open. When Kevin left he said, “Thanks for taking such great care of our babies.” But when I got frustrated with Keegan (now three and a half) for not making it to the potty in time, I wondered just how great of a job I was doing. When I finally got Keegan off to his morning summer camp, a mother on the playground pointed out that I’d put Brennan’s shoes on the wrong feet. And when I tried leaving with the little man, he …

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This weekend when Kevin, the kids and I were outside eating popsicles, our bare feet all lined up on the patio table, I told Adeline (five years old) that she has her daddy’s feet – the little girl version. And laughing I told her she is lucky not to have gotten stuck with my oddly long toes.

She got upset and said, “Mama, your toes are not odd; don’t say that!”

Surprised by her strong response, I backpedaled. “I’m sorry, Adeline,” I began, “I suppose sometimes I poke fun at myself, but I’m happy to have good working feet that can run after you!”

She smiled and said, “Maybe that’s why you need long toes!”

My three-year-old, Keegan, chimed in, “Maybe it’s because you’re …

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I spent the day in my favorite old jeans cleaning out closets and debating on things like:  ‘Will I ever wear that bright orange halter dress again, the one that’s been in plastic since 2005?’  I parted with several things that might be the right size, but just don’t seem to fit “me” anymore.  By the time I was about halfway into my closet I realized that my style-searching had led to a little soul-searching.  Was I more A-Line or Shift? Classic or Colorful? During the project, five-year-old Adeline came into my room in a frilly dress and several gaudy accessories telling me, “Look at all the things I found in MY closet!”  I looked her over with a grin …

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