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This year has been filled with many wonderful experiments, and my latest one has left a giant smile on my face.

When I decided to become a self-publishing author, I took on a “go big or go home” attitude and created a business. My mission with Emerald Shores Publishing has been to create and promote books to grow on—books that will offer new perspectives and bring people into conversation. Emerald Shores provides a platform for self-publishing authors to band together through team marketing and bring innovative and inspiring literature into as many lives as possible! After I’d established my goal, I realized that I already had two incredible women in my life that were self-published authors; and they were inspiring lives with …

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Last Sunday I woke up to loud music and giggles. I had slept way past my morning wake up call and pulled myself out of bed at 7am to find a dance party in my living room. Adeline and Brennan seemed to be doing a tribute to Saturday Night Fever with big pointed finger moves in their jammies, while Keegan rocked out shirtless with a plastic guitar in his pants, lip sinking (so to speak) to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing!

Coffee please.

This is, of course, a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. And outside of the Shrek ears headband and 1980s sunglasses on Keegan, it was a pretty typical scene. However it captivated me more than former living …

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Now with the book out, the events begin! Starting with the launch party! If LA is your home, please come out on February 27th to learn more about From Three Feet Off the Ground and enjoy a wine and cheese reception at Manhattan Beach’s best bookstore—pages! After I do a brief Q&A, we’ll hear live music by Sara Dee and maybe further uncover the meaning within the mayhem of motherhood!

WHEN: Thursday, February 27 at 7pm

WHERE: pages: a bookstore

904 Manhattan Ave

Manhattan Beach, CA

The event is FREE and open to the public. RSVP’s recommended, email or call 310-318-0900.

I hope to see you there!