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“Awareness is the precondition for joy”
— C.H.S.  

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GROW is a guided journal that follows the patient process of nature from seed to bloom, facilitating readers to write their way into deeper awareness and cycle through personal discoveries. With thoughtful questions, powerful quotes, and illuminating meditations, GROW creates a mindful space that fosters awareness and transformation.

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Praise for Grow:

“GROW offers a beautiful, mindful space that serves as a guide to both silence and authentic language—a map to the self co-written by the reader.”
— Sarah Herrington, Co-author of Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self

“With carefully crafted reflections, GROW prompts readers to dive deep and find the natural beauty that lives within each of us.”
— Leah Bernstein, Co-founder of Strong, Calm + Playful

“GROW is a strengths-based tool that gently encourages self-understanding while honoring the vulnerability embedded in the experience of befriending oneself.”
— Jamie Eisenberg, LCSW

For Christie Havey Smith, her role as a mother is her greatest gift. But one significant day, tensions bring her to the floor, and the go-getter girl sees how she has misplaced pieces of herself in the midst of motherhood. Suddenly all she wants is to explore the possibility of being instead of trying to be everything. This is Christie’s charismatic story of following her toddlers in a humbling yearlong lesson on how to see the world. It is the heart song of a mother making life-changing discoveries with a view from three feet off the ground.  She sets out wanting to remember what it means to be amazed, be free, be attentive, be present and love without limits. What she experiences is the spiritual discovery of herself.

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Praise for From Three Feet Off The Ground:

“Smith’s story offers insights that can benefit everyone. From Three Feet Off the Ground is fun, inspiring, and brilliant.”
— San Francisco Book Review

“Moms looking for a meditative companion to help them through the ups and downs of parenthood will take much from Smith’s story.”
— Publishers Weekly

“With boundless curiosity, courage, and a wide-open heart, Christie Havey Smith takes us on the adventure of motherhood. From Three Feet Off the Ground is a story rich with insights and luminous moments of ”
— Lisa Fugard, Author of Skinner’s Drift

“Havey Smith gives an engaging account of how motherhood can truly be a spiritual path. With keen sensitivity, she shows how a mother can come to a realization of the richness and significance of her life.”
— Wilkie Au, Ph.D., Author of The Endearing Heart: Spirituality for the long haul

“This book enlightens us to the power of a child’s perspective, teaches us more about ourselves, and helps us form a deeper connection to our own higher purpose!”
— Sehnita Joshua Mattison, Talk Show Host for Every Way Woman