About Christie

“Creativity happens when we connect what is with what could be.” -C.H.S.


Christie Havey Smith, M.A. is a Los Angeles-based author specializing in narrative non-fiction literature. Since 2007, she has been creating and facilitating workshops in the Los Angeles area that foster awareness, creativity, healing, and personal development. Christie has her M.A. in Theology from Loyola Marymount University with specialized study in spiritual direction and Jungian psychology. She also holds a certificate in Meditation and Mindfulness from The Greater good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley. Christie’s passion lies in the health and happiness of the human spirit and in the effects of meditation on personal well-being and social change. Her workshops shed light on the role storytelling plays in our evolution and our self-understanding.

Christie is the author of From Three Feet off the Ground, a narrative non-fiction book about the year she dedicated to discovering her children’s view of the world, and GROW, an awareness journal guiding readers to write their way into deeper awareness and cycle through personal discoveries.

Christie is originally from Chicago and now lives in Palos Verdes, CA with her husband and three children. Determined to be a perpetual student of life, she finds inspiration in film, literature, music, nature, and in the stories of those all around her. She remains dedicated to seeking the sacred thread that weaves all our stories together into one beautiful, ever evolving, tapestry.