Because life
never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.

Last Sunday I woke up to loud music and giggles. I had slept way past my morning wake up call and pulled myself out of bed at 7am to find a dance party in my living room. Adeline and Brennan seemed to be doing a tribute to Saturday Night Fever with big pointed finger moves in their jammies, while Keegan rocked out shirtless with a plastic guitar in his pants, lip sinking (so to speak) to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing!

Coffee please.

This is, of course, a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. And outside of the Shrek ears headband and 1980s sunglasses on Keegan, it was a pretty typical scene. However it captivated me more than former living room performances. It might have been the music choice. Or the bedhead and random attire. But more than anything, I think it was the energy. All three of them are so at ease with dancing full out with enthusiasm. (And living full out too! With heart.)

“Keegan, you’re a rock star,” I told him.

“This is my amphitheater, Mama!” he exclaimed.

Maybe we don’t need a bigger house after all. “That’s awesome, Keeg.”

“Yup. Just wait. My big moment is coming up.”

He had me cracking up with his big moves that led to a grand finally pose. And days later, I was still thinking about Keegan’s “big moment.” (The photograph I took to remember it by will be fantastic blackmail material when he’s sixteen!)

When I walked into Pages bookstore for the launch party of From Three Feet Off the Ground on Thursday night, I was trying desperately to harness some of that confident energy the kids were displaying at their dance party on Sunday morning. This was my “big moment”—the community was meeting the book that I’d been chipping away at for years.  Though I find it a bit harder to be completely uninhibited from five feet off the ground, I rallied and the event was a success! The discussion was lively; the reading flowed from the heart. And I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reception of this little blue book.

I have grown so much from challenging myself with this project and sharing it with others. And I still have so much growing to do. I know there will be more big moments, but I’m holding onto this one, like a photograph, so that I won’t forget what big moments are made of. Living full out with heart!

Whatever you’re working towards, (from the words of Journey) Don’t Stop Believing!

With gratitude,

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  1. Posted by Grace. Mangione Carpenter on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 Hi Christie, congratulations on writing a very significant book. I have not written since I attended your class at LMU last year. I have renewed hope of writing a mother daughter memoir because my youngest daughter, Lynne Mangione will be attending your workshop with me this year. See you soon! hugs, Grace
  2. Posted by Christie on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 Thanks so much Grace! I so look forward to seeing you in class in a couple weeks and getting you writing again!
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