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Last week I reflected on the incredible friends I have made over the last ten years while living in the south bay. I have been fortunate to meet many amazing people who make my life shine brightly. This has been the busiest time of my life—raising three young children—and my friends have helped me to celebrate the simple moments and find levity within the complications. They have helped to make this the time of my life. The community here is a part of me.

Kevin and I have lived in three homes in the time we’ve been here, happily meeting new neighbors and finding new routines. But we have been searching for our long-term home, longing to put roots down. And finally we have found that place.

This summer we will be moving thirty minutes south to Lunada Bay. We are so excited about this decision for our family—the green space, the ocean bluffs, the peace, the great community, and the terrific schools will all be gifts. But now I’m faced with the question: How do I leave a place that is a part of me?

While I’m not going far, I’ll miss seeing the faces I know and love each day. The friends who got me through the tough times and raised a glass with me through the great times. Angelica at the bagel shop who saw me through three pregnancies with extra cream cheese. Mrs. Linn at the dry cleaner, who magically got sharpie out of my best dress (no thanks to my artistic three-year-old) and spit-up stains out of just about everything else. Then there’s Mark at our local watering hole who cheered with Kevin and me through the wins of our Chicago teams and poured extra beer when they lost. And nose-ring girl, whose name (I’m ashamed to say) I’ve never learned, but I will miss her cheerful face when I go in search of English Breakfast Lattes at yet another coffee shop. Teachers. Neighbors. Restaurant owners. It will be hard to leave this community. With each year that we have been here, I feel as though I have collected more people into my heart. And now I’ll have to carry them with me.

The kids are quite excited about the move. Keegan likes the idea of big closets to hide in and climbing trees. Adeline likes the idea of being able to walk to school and ride her bike in the street. Brennan likes the yard and the kitchen (where he says he plans to make me pancakes.) I overheard Adeline and Keegan talking about the changes last night before bed. Adeline said, “You’ll still see your friends, buddy. We can meet at the beach or you can invite them over.”
“Lots of play dates,”  Keegan agreed.
“Or just one big party,” Adeline suggested.
“A moving party!” Keegan’s excitement was building.
“Or a beginning summer party!”
“Or a beginning a new school party.” The ideas just kept coming.
“Or a beginning to build the porch party!” They were giggling then, thinking of all our plans.
There were many other “beginning” party ideas before the night’s end. It was perfect really. Another beginning after another.

So today marks the start of the “Another Beginning” party. I’m raising a glass to all of you to thank you for who you are. For those who have already seen me through many beginnings, there is a song in my heart. For those who I’m still getting to know, there is so much to look forward to. This new chapter will be a party! And you’re all invited!

Love to all.

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  1. Posted by Elizabeth Davis on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 I'm so happy for you guys! It sounds like a very positive move. Your writing speaks to me because I have struggled so much with our move from Colorado to Arizona. I have made friends here, but I still miss ft Collins and our community there so much. I will try to embrass the party and live in the moments of joy that we have here. I will try to look less at adorable baby pics of my kids in our old house in CO and focus more on taking new, adorable pictures of them here. Good luck on your move! They are lucky to have The Smith Family!
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