Because life
never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.

May, 2014

This year has been filled with many wonderful experiments, and my latest one has left a giant smile on my face.

When I decided to become a self-publishing author, I took on a “go big or go home” attitude and created a business. My mission with Emerald Shores Publishing has been to create and promote books to grow on—books that will offer new perspectives and bring people into conversation. Emerald Shores provides a platform for self-publishing authors to band together through team marketing and bring innovative and inspiring literature into as many lives as possible! After I’d established my goal, I realized that I already had two incredible women in my life that were self-published authors; and they were inspiring lives with …

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These past few years I have so enjoyed writing about these years when my children are young—the moments that often seem like a blink, and yet, I know will all add up to being the time of my life. And each time I hear another mom talk about where she is within it all, I feel a sense of solidarity and encouragement. Through the good, the bad and the beautiful, I am grateful to have the support and levity of other incredible women.

This month, in celebration of Mother’s Day, I asked that others share with me a “mom moment” so that I could pick one to write about and honor another mom’s experience. I enjoyed reading some funny, sweet, and …

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