Because life
never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.

April, 2014

Recently, a hummingbird took shelter in the ficus tree in our back yard and built a plum-size nest on a low branch. The kids named her “Motor,” remarking that she could hover like a helicopter. A few weeks “Sweets” and “Nemo” hatched from delicate eggs, each no bigger than a tic-tac. And we quickly fell in love with the new family living in our back yard.

One day when the baby birds were about two weeks old, Motor did not return from her morning flight out for nectar. By dawn the next day there was still no sign of her, and I began to worry that something had happened to her or that she had abandoned the nest. The wind was …

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Last week I was concerned that I’d upset a long-time friend by canceling our dinner plans. I had to leave her a message the day before explaining my conflict, and when I still hadn’t heard back from her several days later, I began to wonder if I’d let her down. I mentioned it to my husband, Kevin, the other night while we were washing dishes. He smiled and casually handed me a plate to dry. “I’m sure she just has a lot going on. I wouldn’t over-think it, babe.” I promised him I wouldn’t, but not before calling my friend again to check in. “Just calling to tell you I love you. Hope to have dinner soon,” was all I …

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Last week I reflected on the incredible friends I have made over the last ten years while living in the south bay. I have been fortunate to meet many amazing people who make my life shine brightly. This has been the busiest time of my life—raising three young children—and my friends have helped me to celebrate the simple moments and find levity within the complications. They have helped to make this the time of my life. The community here is a part of me.

Kevin and I have lived in three homes in the time we’ve been here, happily meeting new neighbors and finding new routines. But we have been searching for our long-term home, longing to put roots down. And …

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