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never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.

March, 2014

My five-year-old asked me this morning at breakfast, “What do you do?” For a second I didn’t understand the question.
“As my job?” I asked Keegan.
“Yes.” He was looking at me thoughtfully from behind his cinnamon toast.
Before I could answer, Adeline said, “She creates things.”
Keegan began to giggle. “Like us!”
Adeline went on to elaborate on some of my other projects, classes, etc., but all morning I’ve been thinking about it… I create things. I like the simplicity of it. Isn’t that what we all do? Create things. It looks different for everyone, but at a soul level, I imagine we’re all in the process of creating something right now. If it doesn’t always earn us a paycheck or come with a …

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When I picked Adeline up from school the other day, she gave me the typical report and then proceeded to express interest in listening to Katy Perry and making a date for us to have a manicure. We of course sing “Roar” on a regular basis and love pink polish, but there was something about hearing that little voice in the back of the car, chatting with me like a gal pal, that made we wonder after my little girl. As fun as it is to see her growing up, I’m also struggling a little with the changes that seem to come with “seven.” I was never a big advocate of “the princess” (the whole sit around and wait for your prince …

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Last Sunday I woke up to loud music and giggles. I had slept way past my morning wake up call and pulled myself out of bed at 7am to find a dance party in my living room. Adeline and Brennan seemed to be doing a tribute to Saturday Night Fever with big pointed finger moves in their jammies, while Keegan rocked out shirtless with a plastic guitar in his pants, lip sinking (so to speak) to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing!

Coffee please.

This is, of course, a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. And outside of the Shrek ears headband and 1980s sunglasses on Keegan, it was a pretty typical scene. However it captivated me more than former living …

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