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never stops teaching.

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February, 2014

A few years ago I reached out to Good Shepherd Shelter in L.A. to find out how I could help. I was inspired by their ability to help mothers and children rebuild and relearn after escaping domestic violence. Each family that comes to the shelter is given a completely furnished apartment to call home while they are healing. After about two years of counseling and education within that loving community, they are given the support to move forward, bringing everything in the apartment with them. When I told some friends at American Martyrs Outreach Ministry about the needs at the shelter, we began to gather yearly donations to help furnish apartments for new families being welcomed to the shelter. We’ve …

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Remember your 20s? Or maybe you’re still in that incredible time of life. It astounds me how good I had it in my 20s and how I didn’t realize it. I think that is partially what the 20s is supposed to be about—relatively carefree (comparatively speaking) exploration of Self and world. Sure, I had responsibilities and major decisions to make. I had problems. But life gets deeper quickly. Here I am, smack in the middle of my 30s, and I have a greater appreciation for, well… everything.

This morning, a friend of mine shared with me her recent health diagnosis. I was stunned by the severity of her situation, and I’m not sure I managed to comfort her. I listened and …

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Dear beautiful, sensitive, seven-year-old daughter,

You will see and experience things in this life that will trouble you. I may not always be able to explain it all away, but I hope you will still come to me and let me listen. I hope you will rest your head in my lap and let me stroke your hair. And I hope beyond all hopes, that I will be able to help you remember what you so profoundly seem to understand today–that life is truly beautiful and that we are each a part of that astounding beauty.
I love you.

(And ice-cream really does make everything a little bit better!)


What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Six people have asked me this. I JUST got the babysitter so Kevin and I can actually go out—although I’m sure every place in town will be packed. Don’t get me wrong; I actually love this holiday. What’s not to love about a day dedicated to love? It’s just that Valentine’s Day, like most things in my life, has changed quite a bit since I had kids. This week we spent a few hours prepping valentines for three classrooms, making little gifts for teachers, and baking heart cookies. The heart shaped cookie cutters have been a hit with Brennan, so he has been requesting heart shaped food for days. Heart shaped toast with …

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A few years ago we were introduced to the book “How Full Is Your Bucket?” By Tom Rath. It’s the story of a boy named Felix discovering that a person’s actions affect others using the metaphor of a bucket. When someone is kind to another, it puts a drop in his or her bucket. When they are unkind, it dips into the bucket. I loved this idea, and we have been using “bucket” language in our house ever since. Recently I decided to bring the bucket discussion to life so it didn’t remain just a loose concept. I put out actual buckets for the kids to fill. And now, throughout the week, we write down moments when someone put a …

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