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January, 2014

Now with the book out, the events begin! Starting with the launch party! If LA is your home, please come out on February 27th to learn more about From Three Feet Off the Ground and enjoy a wine and cheese reception at Manhattan Beach’s best bookstore—pages! After I do a brief Q&A, we’ll hear live music by Sara Dee and maybe further uncover the meaning within the mayhem of motherhood!

WHEN: Thursday, February 27 at 7pm

WHERE: pages: a bookstore

904 Manhattan Ave

Manhattan Beach, CA

The event is FREE and open to the public. RSVP’s recommended, email or call 310-318-0900.

I hope to see you there!

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of a parent panel on Huffington Post Live with Nancy Redd. The show streams live every Friday and serves as a forum to discuss trending topics and recent articles pertaining to parenting. When the producer contacted me a couple weeks ago and asked me to be a part of the show the following day, I had two sick kids—one with the stomach flu—and my main goal was just not to throw up before 4pm EST on Friday! Well I accomplished that, AND I also had a ton of fun.

One of the questions Nancy asked was about stay-at-home-dad Chris Illuminati’s practice of leaving post-it notes all over the house as a way …

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Last week Adeline learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in school. She came home with a story to read aloud to an adult. When we sat down with the book, I readied myself for an essay on a man who believed in freedom—a second grade adaptation of this history.  But I was wrong. Apparently second grade is quite old enough to be ready to learn about hate, because the story outlined all the details of slavery, prejudice, violent riots, and of course, Martin Luther King Jr.’s amazing movement toward peace that ended too soon with his assassination. I was shaking a little as I listened to the soft, gentle voice of my seven-year-old read to me this history. She looked …

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It’s 2014! Remember when that sounded futuristic? It feels like we should have flying skateboards by now, à la Back to the Future II. But when I got up on the 1st, the only thing that seemed futuristic was the fact that I had just completed a project that I was never quite sure would come to fruition. The book is out! And now, with vulnerability at its peak, I have to take a shot with it and see where it’s meant to land.

With the end of winter break, my three-year-old, Brennan, seemed slightly unsure of where he was meant to land. Monday he had mixed feelings about going to school. He pouted over breakfast and put up a fuss …

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