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December, 2013

Remember ice skating and drinking hot chocolate and wearing Christmas pajamas cuddled up under the covers? Remember baking cookies covered in sprinkles and putting them beside the fireplace before peering up the chimney? Remember the magic of giant Christmas trees and twinkle lights and how it seemed just about anything could come to life—a wooden nutcracker or the electric train wound around the tree? There was a stretch of time when I’d outgrown Christmas pajamas, hadn’t seen the inside of a chimney and found my wooden nutcracker to simply be a nice centerpiece on my coffee table one month of the year. Then, I had children. And the magic came rushing back.

About a month ago I told Adeline, my daughter …

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In the center of our beach community, there is a piece of art mounted high that reads, Believe. There was some controversy over Jason Manley’s “Believe, Green” when it was first mounted—a 15 by 15, green neon sculpture. I’m not sure what inspired him to create this piece, but when I passed by it the other day (as I have dozens of times before), it stopped me. What does it mean, “believe?” What is it that we are asked to consider believing in? This seems especially poignant at this time of year. Whether you believe in the holy birth, the miracle of lights, or find yourself reflecting on your belief in yourself as you look back on what you’ve accomplished …

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As you may already know, this holiday season I have asked a few writers to share reflections on how their experience of the holidays has deepened with the growth of their families. This week I asked a woman who is deeply connected to many of my own Christmas memories. I asked my mother.

My mom, Elizabeth Havey, is an RN and health educator who researches health and other issues pertaining to midlife. Her blog,, focuses on the snags in the fabric of our culture that affect her generation, as well as her children and grandchildren. Like much of her writing, this post focuses on the peace to be found on life’s journey.

Christmas: A Time for Creating …

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