Because life
never stops teaching.

Journaling for awareness. Growing for life.

May, 2013

The magnolias and star jasmine are in bloom all over town.  The yard smelled like good shampoo this afternoon as the kids and I threw paper airplanes.  Keegan, who turned “four and a half” this week (major mile stone for my little man), did not tire of throwing his plane, getting it caught in the tree branches, and then shaking it down.

At a point I left the yard to send an email and meet a deadline that would put me quite close to the completion of my book.  I’m rounding the end of this project that has kept me inspired for the last several years, and as I’m pulling together the final pieces, feelings are surmounting.  The pressure is on, …

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We’ve been thinking about moving – a move that we hope would be one of the last. I’ve spent a few months watching the market, checking listings daily and visiting several homes. But inventory is low and the cost of homes is high (in southern California), so it’s a search that has caused a bit of stress. What is more, I have been so excited about the future that once I was halfway into this process I realized I’d taken a step out of the present. I was living in my lovely little home on my lovely little street in my awesome neighborhood, with one foot out my front door. I was halfheartedly making plans for the summer – signing …

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