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never stops teaching.

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July, 2012

I was having an off day. It started with all three kids whining for juice and waffles at 6am, as I struggled to find the matching tops to the sippy cups, my eyes not yet fully open. When Kevin left he said, “Thanks for taking such great care of our babies.” But when I got frustrated with Keegan (now three and a half) for not making it to the potty in time, I wondered just how great of a job I was doing. When I finally got Keegan off to his morning summer camp, a mother on the playground pointed out that I’d put Brennan’s shoes on the wrong feet. And when I tried leaving with the little man, he …

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This weekend when Kevin, the kids and I were outside eating popsicles, our bare feet all lined up on the patio table, I told Adeline (five years old) that she has her daddy’s feet – the little girl version. And laughing I told her she is lucky not to have gotten stuck with my oddly long toes.

She got upset and said, “Mama, your toes are not odd; don’t say that!”

Surprised by her strong response, I backpedaled. “I’m sorry, Adeline,” I began, “I suppose sometimes I poke fun at myself, but I’m happy to have good working feet that can run after you!”

She smiled and said, “Maybe that’s why you need long toes!”

My three-year-old, Keegan, chimed in, “Maybe it’s because you’re …

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